Get the Clear Advantages of Plastic Packaging

Your product’s packaging solution serves as the first impression of your product. Product packaging will appeal to consumers to evoke either an emotional or educated decision. If you’re doing it right, your package will appeal to both. Jay’s clear plastic clamshells, PET folding cartons and blisters give the consumer a transparent view of your product while adding an upscale finishing touch that paperboard packaging alone cannot achieve. With the ability to design and render 3D plastic and paperboard structures, we can work together to design a complete package with superior shelf presence.

Packaging That Keeps Your Product Safe

Product safety is often a primary concern for Jay Packaging Group’s OTC pharmaceutical and luxury beauty clients. It is important to keep your product safe from theft and one of the best ways to do that is with plastic packaging. Jay offers Natralock, which uses tear resistant paperboard and plastic to seal your product.

It is also important to recognize that keeping your product securely housed helps keep your brand’s integrity intact. Consumers don’t want to pay top dollar for a fragrance set only to discover that the product is rolling around loosely inside its box. Luxury brands are all about curating an experience and Jay can help you do that with our thermoformed trays. We can create secure trays that are color matched to your brand or product. These trays can vary in texture from smooth and shiny to velvety to rough depending upon the mood you’re looking to invoke.

Your Single Source Supplier

A company that can offer creativity and experience as well as a cost conscious approach is likely to satisfy your packaging requirements time and again. Jay Packaging Group is a single source supplier for your plastic and paperboard packaging. We offer 3D structural design to provide an impression of the finished product before printing and forming your paperboard and plastic components. We offer in-house tooling which helps move jobs through the production process far quicker than outsourced tooling jobs as well as ensuring high standards of quality control. We even offer fulfilment for your gift sets

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