JPG Achieves Innovative Leather Effect with Vince Camuto Gift Set

Jay Packaging Group received multiple prestigious industry awards from Printing Industry of New England’s Awards of Excellence’s 1st place prize for Special Innovation, Foil & Specialty Effects Association’s Gold Leaf Award’s 1st place prize for Best Use of Specialty UV Coatings, and Printing Industry of America’s Premier Print Award forSpecial Innovation in Printing as a result of our innovative thinking.

Parlux first approached us last year to print Vince Camuto’s popular self-titled cologne gift set. This woodsy, masculine fragrance incorporates strong leather accord notes, inspiring the incorporation of leather elements into the cologne’s package design. Parlux had experienced difficulty finding a supplier able to create a sophisticated black carton that looked and felt like real leather. We were confident we could achieve this effect on our Heidelberg 10 color Duo.

Our printing manager first considered using our LiquiFeelTM raised coating but ultimately felt that the end product wouldn’t quite achieve the leather look that Parlux was after. After a series of technical trials, he called upon Electronic Pre Press (EPP) to brainstorm alternative ways to manipulate the graphics so that the carton had substantial texture without embossing or adding additional coatings. EPP developed a process that combined the image’s smooth and rough channels so they could be ripped in-house to a Dupont Fast Cyrel. This innovative process allowed us to simulate a leather carton without adding additional coatings during the printing process.

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