JPG and InterParfums Collaborate to Take Home Three Awards This Season

Jay Packaging Group won multiple awards across various competitions for their production of InterParfum’s Anna Sui “Romantica” cartons this award season. The Foil and Specialty Effects Association’s (FSEA) Gold Leaf Awards presented JPG an award forDifficult Application of Foil and Embossing on a Folding Carton. Printing Industries of New England’s (PINE) Awards of Excellence presented JPG with two awards: one for JPG’s LiquiFeel Soft Touch Ink application and one for Foil Stamping and Embossing.

InterParfum’s Anna Sui “Romantica” carton was converted on our Heidelberg Speedmaster 10 Color Duo with Offset & Flexo Capabilities.

There are six specifically matched spot colors used on this carton in varying shades of pink, orange yellow, purple and white. The spot colors vignette into one another, giving the graphics an ombré effect, which JPG was able to do with very precise printing and tight register. JPG also highlighted the carton’s tight register in the stampable gloss applied to “Anna Sui.”

The entirety of the carton was coated in-line with JPG’s award winning LiquiFeel Soft Touch Ink and the golden dragonflies and flowers were foil stamped with Luxor® foil on our Bobst Speria 102. The carton’s soft gold accents, ombré printing effects and LiquiFeel Soft Touch inks come together to create the dreamy and romantic carton InterParfum’s sought to achieve.

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