LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch Ink Simulates Linen with Banana Republic’s “M” Fragrance

Extensive research in sensory marketing has proven that consumers like to engage all their senses in buying decisions. Today’s consumers demand this and as a result Consumer Product companies look to differentiate their products on the store shelf by engaging more senses in their point of purchase package. Sensory marketing studies show that the more consumers handle a product, the more likely they are to purchase that product.

Jay Packaging Group helps our customers engage the consumers in sensory oriented packaging with our LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch Ink. Our LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch has been described as being akin to short-napped velvet, smooth suede, and soft chamois leather. Recently, Inter Parfums successfully used Jay’s LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch Ink to give Banana Republic’s “M” fragrance package a linen feel. In a research study done by the graphic communication department at California Polytechnic State University, researchers found that consumers indicated a preference for Soft Touch coating even at a 5% price premium. When paired with rich graphics, LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch can greatly increase your consumer’s perception of product quality allowing for an increase in margins and, with our unique ability to apply LiquiFeel™ in one printing pass, our customers can save 15% to 20% over a second printing pass.

Jay’s LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch is available in a UV formula that offers higher scuff resistance and a softer sensation than other aqueous “soft touch”coatings. LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch Ink can also be used to suggest a desired feeling or mood. For example, we used our LiquiFeel™ Soft Touch on a popular OTC pharmaceutical’s blister card to project a feeling of comfort or relief that could be found by purchasing the pain reliever. Our tactile coating was also used effectively alongside a spot UV gloss coating to demonstrate highly contrasting visual and tactile effect with a new product launch.

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