LiquiGenius™ Inks Present: LiquiScent Fragranced Ink

According to the New York Times’ marketing research department, “81% of consumers would choose a product they could smell and see over one they could only see.” Packaging with scented coatings are becoming increasingly popular in the market place. Such applications make it possible to convey a visual and content-based message along with a fragrance, thereby appealing to another of your customer’s senses.

We at Jay Packaging share the belief that the more your customer can experience a package, the more likely it is that they will purchase the item. It is this belief that spurred us to introduce the LiquiGenius™ Specialty Inks family. The members of this family are LiquiPalette, LiquiShimmer, LiquiFeel and LiquiScent.

Our LiquiScent is a fully customizable ink formula that can be combined with any fragrance of your choice. The formula can then be directly applied to your package as a fifth spot color in the printing process. Once LiquiScent is applied, the consumer need only to rub the application site to experience your fragrance. The rubbing method allows the fragrance to have a much longer shelf life than traditional Scratch’nSniff® labels which require scratching to release the scent. LiquiScent Fragrance Inks also prove to be a more economical method of scented packaging because it eliminates the cost of producing, inventorying and applying a separate Scratch’nSniff® labels.

Jay Packaging Group collaborated with Coty to put our LiquiScent Fragrance Inks into action. Together we produced the packaging for the Love 2 Love (US) and Miss Sporty (UK) perfume lines. The Love to Love line has four different scents, each with their own individual UV spot color. Coty provided us with each fragrance’s signature scent so we could mix it with our LiquiScent formula to apply on press. The cartons were run on our Heidelberg 10 Color Duo in one pass and each fragrance’s LiquiScent formula was applied to the carton’s flaps. The unique and innovative characteristics of the Love to Love packages earned them Printing Industry of New England’s Award of Excellence for Finishing Technique (Fragrance).

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