Pre-Production Services

From rough sketches to CAD drawings, our team of experienced professionals engineer your project to achieve brand objectives. Your single point of contact will shepherd your package through development to assure the best outcomes in timing, cost, function and sustainability. We pride ourselves on timely responses to your requests. But at the end of the day, the most important factor is not how fast we can prototype but rather how fast we can get you from concept to market.

Project Management + Consultation

Our sales, customer service, design/engineering and production teams work with you to develop creative approaches to achieving you marketing goals. With a constant eye on material tolerances and technological capabilities, we provide unique and innovative solutions to packaging challenges. We believe that the conversations we have early in your process are perhaps the most important over the life of the project. This collaboration between Jay Packaging and our customers yields the best outcomes in terms of timelines, cost efficiency and visual impact at the point of sale.

Structural Design

Fit, form and function.

The average tenure on our project management team is 20 years in the packaging industry. We know structural design and we know how to adapt it for production machinery. And our deep knowledge of pack-out uniquely positions us to assist our clients achieve optimal results before the project goes into production.


In-house tooling capability supports our speed to market claims. Cyrel plates, litho plates, cutting dies, forming dies, sophisticated multi-level tooling for paperboard and plastics – all made in-house. The investments we’ve made in tooling capabilities allow us to manage your timeline and shorten your development cycle.