Sustainable Procurement Statement

Sustainability Goals

The principal elements of our Sustainable Procurement Policy include:

• Select materials that align with or exceed industry best-practice sustainability standards
• Reduce environmental impacts of materials including lessening greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing landfill waste, mitigating health and safety risks, and consuming resources efficiently
• Encourage suppliers to develop products harmonized with JPG’s sustainability principles
• Seek new providers that demonstrate forward-thinking sustainability approaches
• Set aggressive targets that reflect our goals, measure, document and provide transparency to all stakeholders

Sustainability Factors

JPG considers many environmental factors in product and service acquisitions including:

• Deforestation/Well-managed forests
• Recycled material with certified chains of custody
• Greenhouse gas emissions
• Energy consumption
• Emitted pollutants

Sustainability Best Practices and Certifications

We recognize that our recommendations to customers and our actions contribute to the fight against global warming and other negative environmental, economic and health issues. JPG employees are committed to utilizing best practices in manufacturing and sustainable procurement including proven and emerging technologies and optimizing behaviors to achieve state-of-the-art standards and procedures.

Our certifications, including G7, Forest Stewardship Council®, ISO and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, assure our customers that JPG maintains the highest standards in support of our sustainability goals.

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