Want to shape her beauty routine? Start with your package.

Let’s face it, the beauty brand landscape is changing but it’s changing in a great way. Both Millennial and Generation Z consumers are developing an appetite for premium beauty brands that shows no signs of slowing down. According to Mintel research, beauty product sales are projected to continue improving through 2020.

Millennial women show a high interest in beauty trends, spend more time on beauty routines and prefer to be engaged through product interaction and experimentation. They want a sensory experience from both their package and its product. A package that is unique in structure or decoration will attract more attention than its competitors and will help create brand association.

Trend-led beauty is having a moment but longstanding brands need not worry about getting left behind. Long time brands can continue to expect consumer loyalty as long as they focus their branding and packaging design on what makes them special in a contemporary context. This means meaningful product and package design.

Whether your brand is new on the beauty scene or you’re a leader in the industry, Jay Packaging Group can help you achieve a package that stands out in an ever changing, competitive marketplace. See some of our unique packaging decorations in the gallery below:

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